Meals are priced per number of entrees/servings and includes cost of groceries.

Entrees are 4 servings each; an Entree consists of: 1 meat dish & 2 side dishes – packaged as

single serving (1), double serving (2) or family-style (4) per container, according to your wishes.

5 Entrees of 4 Servings each (20 meals):

$300.00 (includes cost of food) = $15.00 per serving

4 Entrees of 4 Servings each (16 meals):

$240.00 (includes cost of food) = $15.00 per serving

3 Entrees of 4 Servings each (12 meals):

$180.00 (includes cost of food) = $15.00 per serving

Any Extra Servings are additional $12.00 Each.

I can also do a Casserole Service for you – Main Dish Casseroles – no side dishes – as follows:

5 Casseroles 4-8* servings each:

$150.00 (includes cost of groceries)

4 Casseroles 4-8* servings each:

$120.00 (includes cost of groceries)

3 Casseroles 4-8* servings each:

$90.00 (includes cost of groceries)

* Note: Most Casseroles serve 4 to 6 and depending upon recipe, may serve up to 8. Casseroles will be baked and stored in same container Total amount figures to be $30.00 per casserole.


Some entrees indicate sides of salad and/or bread/rolls; however if you want salad and/or bread on other entrees, there will be a charge of $10.00 for salad and $8.00 for bread/rolls.


Desserts are available upon request for an additional $20.00.


Small Dinner Parties for 4 to 12 can be prepared. This includes an appetizer, salad or soup, main entree with 1-2 sides and dessert. The pricing includes menu consultation and planning, shopping, preparation/serve, and cleanup. Priced PER PERSON:

4-6 people, $10.00**

7-9 people, $12.00**

10-12 people, $14.00**

** Note: Actual pricing will be variable, based upon actual number of people and menu items selected for the party. I will ask for a 50% deposit at time of booking the party, with balance due the day of the party.


I will shop on the cooking date for the freshest ingredients available for your meals. I will purchase the proper containers at your cost the first time I do the shopping in order to store your items in refrig/freezer for reheating.


Gift Certificates are a great way to shop for someone who has everything…but time to cook!!! Birthdays, Anniversaries, Romantic Dinners, Family Get-togethers … just about any holiday you can think of … makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift for a busy person, who loves good food but no time or energy to cook. I have several gift certificates for you to select:

Basic Service: (priced as above under the Basic Service Heading)

Dinner for Two: ($120.00 total amount, includes cost of food) – Includes Soup OR Salad, main Dinner Entree of One Meat, 1 to 2 Side Dishes, and Dessert. Any additional Entrees/Side Dishes for $12.00 each.

Family Dinner for Four: ($150.00 total amount, includes cost of food) – Includes Salad OR Soup, main Dinner Entree of One Meat and 1 to 2 Side Dishes and Dessert. Additional Family Member Entrees/Side dishes for $12.00 each.


Service Fee in full amount is due at time of interview and cooking date scheduling. Subsequent fee payments for next cooking dates are due at least one week in advance of the cooking date or at the time a cooking date reservation is made, whichever is less.

Should it be necessary to cancel your cooking date after payment is made, I will refund your estimated grocery payment and apply your cooking fee to a rescheduled date. No refunds after groceries have been purchased. There will be a $30.00 fee for returned checks for any reason.

Any further questions regarding my prices and service just call me at 417-869-2023 or Email me at [email protected].