Why A Personal Chef?


Springfield Personal Chef Dixie Cook Pork Tenderloin

“Why a Personal Chef” you ask?

A Personal Chef service can help you “buy” time to do the things you want or need to do without the worry of what to have for dinner; you will have more quality time to spend with your family or significant other person in your life and more time to spend on hobbies and fun things to do; a lot more fun than planning menus and grocery shopping, cooking and worse of all — the dreaded cleanup!

Did you know?…

According to statistics, an average of 1.9 hours A Day is used up in menu planning, shopping, preparing and cleaning up after meals. That is nearly 2 hours a day – 14 hours a week (counting weekends) – over 40 hours a Month! Isn’t that amazing — what could YOU do with 40 extra hours a month? That is the equivalent of a 40-hour work week – just to get meals on your dinner table.

Who needs a Personal Chef?

  • Busy Professional People who work long hours and need and want good meals, but just too busy or tired at the end of a long day to fix them
  • Two-income couples with children who struggle with family and school activities and never seem to have enough time to sit down to a good family dinner together
  • Retired persons who want and need some good home-cooked meals but may not feel up to the task of fixing meals for themselves
  • Singles who just don’t care about cooking or don’t know how to cook … more fun to go out and eat with their friends … which is fun alright, but they need good wholesome food to get them through their busy days
  • People with special diet needs and new healthy eating plans due to doctor’s orders
  • People who have been hospitalized and need special attention in meal preparation
  • New parents with the added demands of a tiny new member of the family still need good wholesome food to get them through the care of the new arrival
  • New homeowners who have just moved into a new home and need to readjust to everything for a few weeks and need some good meals to get them through all that unpacking

Is a Personal Chef Affordable?

YES, it is affordable…you are buying “time” — a very important commodity in this busy world we all live in today…you want to spend more quality time with your family and friends…not chained to the kitchen stove. When you actually sit down and calculate the cost of time and money of menu planning, grocery shopping, preparation of meals and kitchen cleanup afterwards, a Personal Chef Service is very affordable.

No more wasted time standing in long checkout lanes, hassling for a parking spot, and no more wasted food because you did not get around to fixing it. You can sit down at your own table and enjoy your meals with your family.